Pet Sitting

Here I am broke again. Finally got rid of the second rate chrome in my system and upgraded to some flashy new MCT stuff. Joshua B. did the surgery.
So Esteban and Davian are playing Blockus, or some cyberversion of said same. When some happy chappy Thorium Atom rocks up called Ponzi Johnson, offers us a simple baby sitting job.

We have to go to some Trideo Producer’s house and look after their custom pet. a 6ft 8 handed cuddly psycho named Fluffles. Genetically engineered for maximum cuteness and cuddlyness. As soon as the execs leave the drek hits the fan. The thing bolts out the back window and out of the garden. Frag, this thing is fast, I’m running top speed just to keep it in sight. The others (Esteban, Davian and some pile of spare parts called Teak that Esteban picked up from god knows where) pile in our hunk of junk van and give chase.

We finally catch the thing up when it is just about to hug the missus of the house who happens to be in the middle of the street. Then we notice the ambush. Someone’s gone to a lot of trouble to put this thing down. Most people would call a vet, but hey? this is New Angeles.

Anyway, the woman of the house is a hologram distraction, fluffles is confused, and we are them mobbed by an ambush of seven supersoldiers. Must be vets of the Mars riots or something. I come out shooting, but they is packing some heat. Esteban and Davian catch one early. The robot Teak then takes some serious shots but seems to keep going. We wittle them down, as they see more interested in bagging the fluffle bunny, like it is some big game prize. (It did seem to have some serious genetic advantages, including kevlar like fur making the damn thing bullet proof).

What seems an age later we distract the creature long enough to get it back in the van. After a few stops (mostly to stop the bleeding on various people) we get back to the house. Mr. Big Trid. Producer is there and pissed. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out we just foiled his assassination plot of his own frigging pet. Seems fluffles is getting more action than he is!!!
Seriously dude, hire some hookers and call it quits!

We get paid enough for me to clear my debt at least, but not much more. It kinda sucks that were the go to guys if you want to hire someone to protect something and you WANT them to fail!
We need to pull off a decent job and then we can start getting serious job offers.



-Hey Hombre, I’m just glad we didn’t eat the ice cream

Pet Sitting

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