Fluffles - Prologue

Scheduled broadcasting might be a thing of the past but we know that requires far too much thought and decision making. Here is your schedule for the next twenty four hours.

00:00 – 05:00 – Virtual Products 4 U Warning “opt out” ordering system as usual
06:00 – Netrunning Today – Wake up and smell the coffee, or at least remain awake and have some more coffee. We cover the latest decks and productivity tools as well as data jam predictions for the next week.
09:00 – Spice-Up Your Soylent! Cookery with everyones favorite reformed protein. Issue 134 Soylent Ceasar Salad. No salad? No ceasar? No problem!
10:00 – Tiffenator 6.3 – More disputes between miserable people solved heartlessly by the cold logic of or an arbitration engine. Recovered from an Solicitors firm after an overhaul, the Artificial Intelligence we call “Tiffenator” now settles domestic disputes on camera for your pleasure! It is ruthless, sardonic and utterly unmissable!
11:00 – Borgfoot and the Hendersons – NZFIridiumNow Original Drama! An 8 foot killing machine decides that cold hearted violence just ‘aint his bag and learns to love. Never have the words “Aww, Can we keep him dad?” haunted a family more. This week Borgfoot sees the royal ascot dressage section and wants in on the action! Are you down with the B-Man? Give us your feedback!
12:00 – Memory Allocators World – Part of our new range of programs for androids, biroids and simulacrum. Defrag Unit P3r-C hosts a feed from the RAM of the most well kept servers. With helpful advice offered by our expert panel…. Panel 5D8R in the corridor near the server room.
14:00 – Borgfoot and the Hendersons – Repeat from 11:00, all the hilarity of the 11am episode…again!
15:00 – NZFIridiumNow News – news program, sponsored by Crazy Billys Discount Grafts “Musculoskeletal Monday Madness is always just around the corner!”
16:00 – Borgfoot and the Hendersons – Just incase you missed it earlier in the day, its here for you now!
17:00 – Borgfoot and the Hendersons Confidential – We take you behind the scenes of our favorite new drama. See all the cast as you’ve never seen them before. Featuring a competition for a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the set and be an extra. You just gotta tune in!
19:00 – Inside Borgfoot and the Hendersons Confidential – A rare glimpse at the inner workings of the behind the scenes show of the most popular show on the feed.
20:00 – The Tiffenator 6.3 RAW – The infamous post watershed show. We disable what pitiful ethical subroutines there is for a show thats utterly inappropriate for the daytime slot. NZFIridiumNow cannot be held responsible for wretchedness experienced as a result of viewing this program.
22:00 – Borgfoot and the Hendersons
23:00 – Closedown and Ecuadorian National Anthem
23:15 – Borgfoot and the Hendersons



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