A Cyberpunk game using Interface Zero 2.0 (A Savage Worlds add on by Gun Metal Games)

The year is 2090. You all moved to New Angeles in search of opportunities and a way of making it big. Sadly it has not worked out as planned yet.
Since the Weyland Consortium built the giant space elevator (constructed by Jack Weyland and nicknamed Jack’s Beanstalk, or just “the beanstalk”) this city in the middle of what used to be Equadorian rain forest has grown out of nothing. A vast melting pot of culture with huge wealth and huge economic clout to rival New York, The Essen Sprawl or Neo Tokyo.
Every major corporation has an office here and the shipments of He-3 from the Melange Mining Corporation on the Moon and other precious imports from colonies on Mars and even beyond have meant wealth has flowed into this city.

As have the dregs looking for a piece of the action – which is probably where you fit in!

The CyberFusion world

The Cyberfusion world (as the name implies) is a melange of all the favourite bits from loads of different cyberpunk influences.
We are using the city of Android Netrunner (New Angeles) along with companies and characters from Shadowrun (minus the dragons), Ghost in the Shell, and lots of others.


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