Neoluddites – Opposed to all non human labour

Humanity First – Paramilitary wing of neoluddites.

SELF – Sentient Engine Liberation Front – Emancipation and equal rights for all Biroids, Androids, Cyborgs, Similacrum, Replicants…

Mutant Alliance -

Technocrats – Political party

Exotropians – Political party

Church of The New Epoch – Secretive Church run by “The Nine”

Psi-cops Peeks who form a special unit on the NA police force.

The Opticon Foundation – An independent group who publish damning reports and leaks from Government and corporation whistleblowers.

The Johnson Society – Set up in the 1920s this society is a meeting point for those interested in the paranormal and the occult. The society was founded by Sarah Johnson who just a few years later (in the late 20s) disappeared.

The Universal Brotherhood – A quasi-religious organisation preaching a message of universal acceptance for all sentients, be they organic, mechanical, digital, genetically altered or vat grown.


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