Call dibs if you want to use one of these.

Add more if your adventure leaves something, or your character leaves something.

Character Based

Alan Jenkins – A Hybrid that seemed to develop psionic powers during his hybridisation. Jinteki are very interested in this.

Jackson – A Cyborg who no longer works for Weyland corporation. Nobody “no longer works for” weyland corporation. Elizabeth Mills (Weyland Exec) still has a vendetta.

Adventure Based

Adventure 1 – Crazy Devils. Who hired the crazy devils to try to drive down the property prices in the block in the slums? and why did they want that land?
The land was a couple of blocks in area.

Adventure 2 – Jinteki are looking for the people who snatched Claudette from their research lab.
How did that gang get info on the meet with the courrier. Is there a security leak somewhere?
The Headsman – murder is still at large.


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