New Angeles Huge city built over the remains of the old Los Angeles after the 2045 quake. An affluent city with huge consumerism.

Toxic Zones Uninhabitable wastelands with poisonsed soil and toxins in the air and water

The Retreats Places for the rich to really live it large.

The Districts A series of slums with millions of poor citizens in. The vast majority of whom are unemployed and desperate.

The London Ruins A destroyed city. Nuclear fallout has made it largely worthless, but many drifters and squatters and organised criminals and terrorists have moved in and call it home.

The refugee zone Millions of those displaced in the Pan Asian wars ended up in these huge slums. Cheap tower blocks house them, meant to be used for just a few years, they are now in occupation for four decades. Caught in political limbo – they remain stuck in the refugee zone. Even if they wanted to return many were now born in the camps so have no home to return to.

Mad Bruce’s Bar and Grill – Apocalypto bar based on the vintage movies Mad Max 1-8


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