1) Selling gear and living costs.

I thought to simplify things we could just say that all the gear we loot and then flog is enough to cover our living expenses, replenishment of ammunition (chain saw fuel) etc…
Any expendable item up to $100 individually. So ammunition would be replenished, but a missile would not. Medkits would be assumed to be refilled…
Some missions the haul will be larger. We can just assume it balances out.

We could even say that this allows the group a not very good vehicle for communal use.

2) Extra costs, and subscriptions.

These we pay each advance. So Cyborg $1000 for extra food, software upgrades, firewalls…

3) Mission Pay

I think We should do about 5000 credits per person per mission as a base.
This can be increased to double or decreased to half depending on the mission.
If the PCs get screwed it could even be zero.

Then at seasoned I think about 10000 as a base.
We would need to agree beyond that.


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