MARSEC – Mars Security. Manufacturers of high tech weapons and mars mining equipment. MARSEC is in partnership with Solmine and Transtellar when it comes to offworld exploration and resource refining. MARSEC has been accused of some brutal oppression of offworld populations seeking independence and greater rights.

Solmine – Energy giant – allies of MARSEC in exploiting off world resources

Renraku – Computer Systems – High elnd computer giant. Software

Ares Macrotechnology – Arms dealer to governments

Saeder-Krupp – Heavy industry and shipping. They do everything. The single largest corp in the solar system. Run by Lofwyr a man nicknamed “The Dragon” for his ruthless nature and ability to amass wealth.

Evotech – Consumer good giant

Sensovision – Media for the masses.

Tyrell Corporation – Makers of high end “Replicants” or Similacrum. Executive models.

Haas-Biroid – Makers of genetically modified labour for other corps.

Weyland – Banking giant.

MCT Mitsuhama Computing Technologies – computer hardware specialists. Also specialise in cutting edge robots and drones.

Lifetree Education – some say indocrination – for the affluent.

Nutrivend Waste goes in – food comes out – Recyclotrons use all types of waste and separate out metals and everything else of worth is broken down by bacteria. This is then fed to a type of edible fungus which can be flavoured with a million different delicious powders.
Food for the masses.

EuroCorp Sinister syndication of a large number of tech and military corporations. Maintains New Angeles office of lesser known subsidiary Nouveax Technologie Chimique, a biochem corp from the Eurosprawl.

Gravball Conference Controls most professional sports. The most polular being the Gravball leagues. A very fast and rather violent contact sport played in three dimensions.

Transtellar The only significant producers and runners of space ships.

Megapol Private security that now runs huge police franchises.

The Sanctuary Clinic Major medical providers. The Sanctuary clinic run many hospitals and “Procreation Parks” (luxurious places where you can go and see your designer baby growing in an artifical womb).

NQT PR consultancy firm.


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