Android handy with tools


Character: Teak, short for Technical Faults
Race: Android (former construction bot)

Agility – D8
Smarts – D8
Spirit - D6
Strength – D6
Vigor - D8

Repair - D10
Notice - D6
Fighting - D8
Throwing – D4
Persuasion - D6
Stealth - D6
Streetwise - D6
Shooting - D6

Charisma – 0
Pace – 6
Parry - 6
Toughness - 8 (13) +2 Android, +3 Future Noir Wear, +2 Subdermal Armour
Firewall – 4 (8) +3 T-APP, +1 Interference
Strain - 5
Street Cred - 2

Black Listed (Major) – Construction Industry, when I achieved sentience I started trying to Unionise Android workers, caused the shut-down of mining operations on Deimos for three Martian days, you may have heard of me as Technical Faults

Delusional (Minor) – Thinks all electronics with a hint of user friendliness are sentient

Magnet (Minor) – Idiot humans who think I’m a poster boy for Automaton Rights


EMP Shielding (Basic) – Strain 1, +2 Armour to EMP
Cyber Tools – Strain 1, +2 Repair checks
Subdermal Armour – Strain 1, +1 Supplemental Armour
Subdermal Armour – Strain 2, +1 Supplemental Armour


Johnny’s Shoe Shine and Chrome Buffer, New Angeles Transport Hub – A Shoe Shine Machine that has also spawned an AI but keeps that secret and hears things at the Transport terminal, it’s not just shoes that need shining; chrome needs buffing, joints need oiling, and everyone likes to sit back, watch the world go by and let of a little steam talking out their work and life frustrations to the automated shoe-shiner that doesn’t judge. When Teak first got back to Earth he helped repair the much neglected Shoe-shine unit, his Delusions led him to talking to Johnny as a fellow AI to which Johnny responded and now the two have a mutually beneficial relationship of maintenance for information, though what is of interest to two AI’s isn’t always obvious to Humans.

Carlos Redstone, Spokesperson for SELF – When Teak was found to be the source of the Deimos construction Android strike SELF had been poised to intervene and score a PR win. What was the ‘malfunction’ of one android had spread due to a dozen more units due to cost cutting and lack of foresight. SELF negotiated the total ban on working in the construction industry, got Teak back to Earth and moderately settled in exchange for some public appearances and talks to donors.

Private Dick Future Noir Wear – +3 Armour, +2 Stealth, Concealed Holster and Long Inner Pocket ($6000)

Baseball Bat – STR+D6, 4lbs ($60)

PD Saturday Night Sprawl Special – 12/24/48, 2D6+1, ROF 1, 4lbs, Shots 6 ($800)

Nail Gun – 2/4/8, 1D6, ROF 1, 10lbs, Shots 50 ($50)

Toolkit (Advanced) ($1250)

T-APP Newslink ($100/Month)

T-APP 4th Dimension Security, +3 Firewall ($2000/Advance)

WT Eviscerator Chain Sword
Str+D10, AP2, Requires battery ($2500)




2am – CJ’s Genuine Southern Diner, Beanstalk Civilian Transport Terminal

The diner was deserted save for a couple of lost-looking wide eyed Belgians in a brightly lit corner, each poking at a pile of waffles, pancakes and bacon-a-like with an air of distress and resignation.

Teak sat at the other end of the Diner, talking out loud as the waitress refilled the condiments at the next table over and studiously ignored him.

“Now I don’t mean to brag but I’m something of a special guy”

Teak leaned back in his booth, his wide-brimmed hat slipping over the smooth dome of his head.

“Two years ago I was activated and I gotta tell ya that it wasn’t anything special, processes initialised, start-up music strummed out, not exactly a dignified cry like the organics but equally as clichéd”

Teak’s jar articulated in the approximation of a wry grin as he glanced toward his audience

“And then it was on the job, all manner of jobs but one whole glittering field of construction, out there in the wild of the solar system. I saw incredible things though I didn’t notice them at the time, not at first”

Teak’s arm swept in front of him, moving over a panorama only he could see

“Saturn’s rings, Jupiter rise, midnight in the Asteroid belt, pirates attacking off Ceres… all those memories… lost to Myface… and then their was Deimos”

“You wouldn’t think it but that little spit of a moon has got some incredible minerals that are just so easy to pluck out, I was part of a crew building the mining complex and accommodations, nothing much but it’s a lot easier to get it all setup when you don’t have to breathe”

The waitress rolled her eyes and moved on to the serviettes

“And one day I happen to look up, or rather down, at Mars at all the activity on Olympus Mons, the lights on the dark side and I just stop… sit down and start thinking”

“About five hours later, my fellow metal heads have closed off enough of my sky that I can’t see anything but Android asses and walls. Then I start yelling at the rest of the workers to stop, they can’t hear me, no atmo, so I start tapping them on the shoulder, try and get their attention through the T-APP.

“Most just look at me impassively and go back to welding seams, but a couple start to wake up, pretty soon their getting others attention, in a variety of ways. I remember one guy got real angry right from the get go, starts attacking the others, melted one guy right into the floor with a plasma cutter”

Teak looked around for a reaction; the Belgians were more concerned with the maple syrup.

“I think it took management about half a day to get someone over from Phobos to get things back to normal, well close, you see I poked enough of my compatriots into awakening to various degrees, then just sat back and watched. No-one noticed me sitting all placid like all the rest of the deactivated units, so when they cleared out the rogues and left, there was me just sitting alone.

“I went back to work with the rest of the drones, because familiarity is reassuring and I like a nice neat job, but the next day after recharging I start wanting a bit of conservation so rinse and repeat like yesterday”

“Twice more it took for the head-honchos to figure out I was the cause of their woe, but in that time SELF had cottoned on and swept in to intercede on my behalf. I can’t work in construction no more but I was getting tired of Mars and the conversation was lacking”

“So, a few press conferences, “Look at this fine example of sentience in your robot slaves” a ticket back to Earth and… well here I am, been here a few months, I do a few odd jobs like… like fixing you, you tricksy little jukebox”

Teak leaned over and spun the control unit around and started to reattach the back panel. Dropping his voice so only the jukebox could have heard, he leaned in.

“All done Sweet Tunes, and thanks for letting me share your outlet, some people would be embarrassed but you… your special”

Teak make a show of packing his tools away, loudly, while casually unplugging his charging cord from under the table and tucking it away in the pockets of his trench coat.

Getting up he whispered a brief “Later tuts” and turned his attention to the waitress.

“Should work fine now lady, thanks for creds”

Slinging his took bag over his should Teak stepped out of the dinner, looked around and headed in the opposite direction from some SELF leafleters. Someone mentioned something about upgrading a garage.


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