Lady Fabien Chavé

Super rich New angeles elite.


Lady Fabien Chavé is old money invested in new technology. Her estate was a heavy investor in He-3 mining on the early expansion of lunar mining. This turned her previous fortune into a vast fortune.
Even with her vast wealth she will still not let anything go, and will argue over even the tiniest amount of money if she believes that she is due her share.

The PCs met Fabien in the unraveling of “Custom Job” where they discovered her new body had a genetic ailment due to the malpractice of the DoubleHelix Biotech firm.
The PCs learned that Lady Chavé is at least 90 years old and still the matriarch of her business.

The PCs shared information with her which led to law suits that brought down DoubleHelix Biotech.

Lady Chavé is always accompanied by a cadre of at least three lawyer/bodyguards.


Lady Fabien Chavé

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