Alan Jeffries

Human/Owl Hybrid with psyonics


Alan got on the wrong side of a crazed mob boss in New Angeles. He now has an owl’s head as a result. He wears business suits and has a few pluggy bit of cyberware stuicking out from his plumage in his head.

Total XP – 8

Agility d6
Smarts d8
Spirit d6
Strength d6
Vigour d6

Fighting d4
Intimtdation d6
Notice d8 (+2 Hybrid: Owl)
Persuasion d6
Psyonics d10
Repair d4
Shooting d4
Stealth d6 (+2 with Shinobi Infiltration Suit on)
Climbing d6

Other Stuff
Charisma 0
Pace 6
Parry 4 (5)
Toughness 5 (7)
Firewall 4
Strain 2
Street Cred 3

Arcane Background (Psyonics), Peek
Hybrid: Owl (Stealth d6 Climbing d6)

Giri – minor (To Mia Rashid the cop who saved me)
Stress Trigger – MAJOR (Any snake eyes roll results in random psychic power)
Wanted – minor (Ginteki corporation)

Fear +1
Stun +1
Speak Language + 0

Police officer – Street patrol – Mia Rashid
Street Doctor – Joshua B

Shinobi Infiltration Suit [6,000c] (2T) (+2 Stealth)
Special .44 revolver [1,000c] {12/24/48} <2d6> AP1 shots – OOOOOO
HavokStick [1,500c] <str> has knockback (Str -2 or knocked 1d4 spaces)

SmartGun System – Advanced 2 Shooting wild die d10


He has psyonic powers that affect the mind, he is a PEEK.

Soon to be fitted out with some bitchin cyberware. Watch this space.

Alan Jeffries

Cyberfusion Thadders