The Crazy Devils

You are all chilling at Esteban’s crib one evening.
The Radio on the side blasts out "the weather report. There is descending cloud over North and Easterly parts of New Angeles. Rain of p.h. 6.5 in the North and 6.0 dropping to 5.5 in the East so make sure you wear protection and take you breathers with you.
“There will be lightning storms around the Beanstalk so the NAPD has imposed a 750m no fly zone. The Weyland Consortium has issued a statement that there will be no disruption to Kaguya and near space travel timetables.”
On the Trideo Pop.e/950 and Alan are playing Call of Duty 17 with a mod that focuses on the pan-Asian war. Their TAPs are directly interfacing with the game console controler on their MCT Zee Box III. Esteban is in the kitchen area looking into an empty packet of soy-cafe and cursing his fridge for not ordering any new. It has been on the blink for a couple of months now, but he can’t afford to replace it. Instead he breaks open a few soy-beers and a packet of soylent-red recochips – potato chip flavour apparently. Having never eaten a real potato chip in his life Esteban doesn’t know if that is a fair description – he suspects not.
All three are relaxing on the couch as the next mission of CoD17 starts. Some Shock Jock on the radio is ranting about the number of Vat Jobs stealing all the jobs of hard working human citizens, and driving decent people into a life of poverty.
He is interviewing a neo-luddite by the name of Grace Felix when you hear a scream from down the coridor.
This is not in of itself unusual, but rarely this early and without the drunken shouting of the asshole at appartment 217.
This is followed by more screams and crashing of furniture.

The door to Esteban’s horrible apartment is suddenly smashed apart by the flying body of Mr Rogers from across the way, his cardigan flapping about him and tearing on the doorway’s remaining splinters. He is followed by a jazzed up ganger waving a knife around.

Angry at having their game interrupted, Alan and Pope draw their weapons and an exchange of gun fire takes place. Pope is hit by a bullet from a second ganger outside the apartment, so Esteban zeros in on the guy’s TAP and shorts out the biocircuitry, sending the unfortunate ganger to the ground clutching his skull. A couple more gangers appear, more eager to engage in a gunfight, but are swiftly despatched by Alan and Pope. The gangers guns are retrieved for later pawning. Esteban tends to Mr Rogers (steals his wallet) and attempts to secure his wrecked hallway.

They haul Pope’s perforated carcass to a street doc they know Joshua B to get him fixed up, and on their way they see more evidence throughout the building of more gangers smashing the place up. The ’chiphead in the building entrance is huddled back even further than usual into his nest of filth, eyes blank and upturned.

More gangers out on the streets are shooting the place up, causing a disturbance, forcing people to retreat home, shops to roll down security shutters and generally disturbing the peace. A single NAPD unit speeds past, showing no sign of slowing.

First up is a trip to the street doc, where Pope is sown back up. It’s not cheap, and alan has to call in a favour! Next up is Aesop’s to sell him the ganger’s guns, to try and recoup some of Pope’s med bills. Everywhere is heard complaints about these gangers, the Crazy Devils, shooting up town, even going after folk who’ve paid their protection money.

The party are pissed off and decide to do some digging. They do some research on the Crazy Devils, hit the streets and get some facts.

The Crazy Devils are a smallish street gang, into BTL chips, drugs and prostitution. Their leader, ‘Mad Mephisto’ is a giant crazy bastard with a god complex and a rocket launcher. The gang is rumoured to be gunning for affiliate status with the wider NA gang ‘Los Diablos’.

Later, the guys are contacted by Mr Li, who offers them a meal in his restaurant in exchange for hearing out an offer he has. Local community leaders were impressed by the PCs standing up to the Crazy Devils, and have scraped together some creds to try and convince them to take out Mad Mephisto and the rest for good. They just have to find the bastard.

hey, you got any money?

Remembering the ‘chiphead in the apartment building, and the Crazy Devils’ line in BTL sales, the PCs decide to grill the guy on the Devils’ HQ. He’s not entirely helpful to begin with, but with repeated encouragement and promise of cash, the PCs convince him to set up a meet with his dealer.

The deal goes down successfully, Alan does his screaming owl face and two Devils are taken down and forced to divulge the location of Mad Mephisto and their hideout.

It turns out the Crazy Devils are operating out of an abandoned chop shop on the fringes of a large industrial estate. The PCs head over there and scope the place out, come up with a plan and attempt to stealthily infiltrate the place. That failed with the first surprised gunshot, but they managed to take out Mad Mephisto. eventually. Once he’s down the fight goes out of the remaining gangers.

Convinced to talk, they tell of the gang being paid to cause hell in the local area in order to drive down property prices for some unknown suit.

The PCs decide to keep the chop shop for themselves, seeing as how the Crazy Devils ruined their last home.


XP awarded → was it 2 or 3?

The Crazy Devils

it was 3

The Crazy Devils

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