Rebirth - Adventure

Jackson – Log 178/82/a3

So we are sat in the crummy motel room with a wasted guy, brains all over the floor, a panicked couple who are shitting the proverbial bricks, a tablet and some sort of disk.
The new guy, some cat in a suit, led the two civies away, tried to get them to calm down. The Doc and I start clearing up the mess and getting the body out of here while Esteban starts fiddling with the tech and securing the creds, it was ok, because Igor was watching him. Even Esteban on one of his best trips to cloud cuckoo land wouldn’t try anything with Igor around. P0P/e was on lookout.
Well back at base we load up this slate and it is the dead computer geek. He has some story about how he has fallen out with him employers Tyrell corporation and is trying to get out. I know how he felt, when ethics start to get in the way of your work it does often end up with people’s brains leaking out onto crummy motel room floors. I was luckier when I got out of my line of work, but it was not a bloodless affair.
Anyway I digress; so this geek has downloaded his brain onto this disk device. I’m thinking a bit like an eBrain or some sort of body dub without the body. Well he’s got himself an extraction plan, presumably a new body to download into somewhere or some nice server time on a mainframe somewhere. Trick is we need to transfer his mind state, which is Giga flops or Xetobytes or something, I can’t remember what Esteban said now, anyway it was BIG, and we had to do it in a really tight time frame or the Tyrell black IC would mess it up or something.
We needed some sort of superfast VR backbone connection to make the transfer. I suggested the Levy University. Low security, easy access, shouldn’t be anyone there to get in the way or get hurt (yeah right).
We head over, I scout the place out and find the correct building. The others come over when a van roars up and a squad of simulacrum jump out all toy soldier like. Guess the Tyrell Corp must have tracked us there; thought Esteban should have dealt with that sort of thing. Anyway, I grapple up to the roof, P0P/e smashes in a window and gets inside, the doc takes cover by the corner and Igor blindly moves forwards. We catch this guys in a crossfire and rip them to pieces. They must have been fresh out the vats because they had all the gear but no idea. No offence to P0P/e who knows how to handle himself, but you shouldn’t send a vat job to do a man’s work!
Their boss runs for is, but we easily catch him. He is after the body. Not sure he even knew about the disk. Why he didn’t just ask is anyone’s guess, but we have alarms and bullets and the fountain is smashed to pieces. The university will have a big repair bill. I’m quite pleased because Weyland is a big contributor, so chewing up their real estate is part of the fun for me.
We hand over the body for a big chunk of creds. We figure by the time they figure out the guy’s not dead (well his mind isn’t) it will be too late for them. We head on down into the depths of the building.
Bit of sneaking about and we locate the server room and the VR backbone. The hub is protected by some 2nd rate government droids. There is a Kelly’s Heroes moment when one can’t actually turn its gun around in the tight space. I manage to stealth in the Doc behind it who disables it with his toolkit. Then onto the server room. We’re quite professional, the team was almost working as a unit, reminds me of the old days.
Esteban makes the transfer and we get the job done before the IC rips them to shreds. A good day’s work.
A few days later and we are back in our pad. The computer geek sends us a message, so it must have worked. Plus we get the balance of the pay cheque. I’m not sure what Tyrell secrets we have just leaked or how pissed they are, but you can’t make an omelette and all that…


pay 10K
XP 2

Rebirth - Adventure

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