Rebirth - Prologue


The man known as Client1 burst into the into the cheap motel room room huffing, struggling to catch his breath. He had been on Esteban’s secure BBS but was so paranoid that he did not even change his screen name from the default. There were no details supplied, he just said to meet them at a given location and time. The details of the meeting came in at just under a gigabyte of raw encrypted text. The encryption was heavy and it took nearly a day to decipher, even with the private key and the fastest rig they could cobble together. It simply had the text “ZZZ-Chip Motel,R3,Th23:35”

Client1 burst into the run down motel room. He was short with a bit of a double chin and had glasses marks either side of his nose. He was wearing a simple white shirt and khakis. They were both drenched with sweat and the shirt pocket had the orphaned metal clasp from what used to be a name badge. Under one arm he had a smallish metal case. He approached the shoddy hotel table, tossed down a credit chip and sat, placing the case in front of him. Everyone in the room looked surprised. He focused on unpacking the metal case as he spoke.

“Sorry I’m late. There is the down payment, I’ll pay another 35000 once you complete the mission” Said Client1 nodding his head at the cred chip. “We should have just enough time”
“This is a rogue employee of the Tyrell corporation. T-Minus 20 seconds to cranial purge” Said a soft voice from just behind his ear
“Ahhh shit” He squealed, with a voice filled with terror ”I have to do this right here and now, ok”

By now, he had deployed the case into a halo like device, an array of filament electrodes were mounted around the rim. It was connected via a cable to a small disk drive with a faint grey circle. Client1 placed the device neatly on his head. The trodes moved slowly and simultaneously to find the right angle, giving it the appearance of a faintly glowing sea urchin. He winced as he waited for them to calibrate, he could not tell when they were going to stop moving. The rim of the halo turned blue suddenly and the filaments buried themselves into his brain. His eyes suddenly went bloodshot and opened wide as the process started. The blue bar around the halo then depleted counter-clockwise around the rim as the grey circle on the disk drive simultaneously expanded clockwise in blue. After about five seconds, the two circles had switched over and the trodes shot back out again. He exhaled sharply as a small disk is ejected from the drive. The others in the room were about to speak but he held up his hand to stop them.

“Theres no time to explain” He raised his trembling voice a little, removing the disk from the drive.
“This is a rogue employee of the Tyrell corporation. T-Minus 10 seconds to cranial purge” Amended the soft voice
“All the details are here” He said quickly thrusting a battered looking dataslide across the table.
“I know you’ve not accepted this mission”
“But I had to take a chance, this the only way”
“God I hope this works.”
“Oh Fuck, Oh FUCK!”
“ahhhaAAAAAAA” He shouted, bracing himself on the table.

A clean hole the size of a small coin appeared in the left of his forehead. A warm extrusion of grey and red suddenly issued from it like an undersea lava vent, accompanied by a high pitched dentists drill whine. His eyes had rolled back into his head and his tongue lolled out of his mouth. It took about three seconds for his skull to be evacuated. He then slumped on the table

“PURGE COMPLETE, Please return this corpse to the Tyrrel corporation. A negotiable finders fee will be arranged” Said the soft computer voice.

Victoria and Steven both simultaneously vomited over their dressing gowns. They had just finished late night takeaway when a mysterious man suddenly burst in leaving the door wide open. There was the sound of a latch and another door opening.

“I’m sure I heard something” Said a voice from out in the motel courtyard.

Steven looked at Victoria, both of them were still not able to speak. All they could do is stare in horror at the remnants Client1’s brain dripping out of the small hole.

“Look, I don’t think he or she or whoever turning up” Said another voice.
“Yeah, here, Room 3a” Said the first voice again. “The door is open wide open”



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