Custom Job - Epilogue

It takes a few weeks for the team to come to terms witht he loss of Sheena. Tallie Perrault runs an expose on DoubleHelix Biotech for the Opticon Foundation with the leaked data files the team liberated from the mainframe. There wasn’t much evidence, but the shock revalations and the lack of a coordinated response to the claims was enough to severely damage DoubleHelix Biotech.

DoubleHelix settles with Lady Fabien Chave, for an undisclosed figure, but immediately a class action law suit in the names of the 56 victims is slapped down on the firm. Helen Rodgers is discraced and ousted from her own company by her investors and the whole house of cards falls down. There is no evidence of any illegal activity by DoubleHelix, but the financial pressures eventually cause the firm to implode.
Rodgers was declared bankrupt and has since gone to ground after several threats were made against her life.

Jinteki are rumoured to have pulled out of a deal at the last moment when the news hits the grid about the Lady Chave lawsuit.

Antoine Anderson ended up comitting suicide by throwing himself out of the window of his third story office and show room. However word on the street has it that Gazza “knuckles” Franklin, a local mob boss; had him wacked for failing to pay massive debts. There is also rumour that Knuckles was covering up a few loose ends and a potential loose tongue by offing the guy.



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