Big Score - Part 1

Well I thought Alan was going to give you the low down on what kicked off this last week, but it seems he is high as a kite with his new best friend and cheery dealer Esteban. Geeze those guys seriously have a problem, I think I need to find a better crew.
He might fill you in with some more details later, but in the mean time this is a brief what’s what.

Well once again we offer to do some pro bono work. This one at least has the chance of some cash at the end, but we might as well do something. One of the banker guy’s old contacts wants us to look for a friend of his. Or perhaps it was his sister; hmmm I really ought to pay more attention in the briefing.

She works for a local planning department in what is left of City Hall. They don’t really have much power but they still are needed to approve all the decisions that are made. We track down a few leads, search the guy’s place and her place. Turns out she has been shacking up with some loser from the South side. This guy is in deep debt with his gambling habits and owes a lot to the local TriMaf. Nobody knows what she sees in this guy, he seems like New Angeles’ biggest loser. We get in touch with all our contacts and track down the last known location of this poor girl. She has been kidnapped by the TriMaf, held as collateral against Mr Weasel’s debts.

Alan and I sneak in and attack from the inside out, the others attack from the outside in. Bullets are flying everywhere in this gang hidout but Alan has not learned the first thing from being around me and po/p3. He doesn’t take good cover and ends up catching a lot of lead. At this point the white powder the TriMaf were bagging up gets shot up and clouds of the stuff fill the air. Alan takes an almighty lung full of the stuff and is now crazier than Scarface!
I take down their boss and the rest of the gang seems to fade away after that. We locate the girl in a back room all tied up, fortunately she isn’t hurt. But it seems like she knew something that was going on and her boyfriend Mr. Weasel was going to try and capitalise on it.

So the next play is to look into that and see what it is all about. Perhaps we can turn some real cash on this job after all.



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